Cailler Chocolate Factory

A sweet adventure awaits you at the Maison Cailler chocolate attraction in Broc. Explore the story of their chocolate through a series of interactive, multi-sensorial experiences, and maybe uncover a few secrets along the way.
The unique museum tour of about one hour leads you through the history of chocolate, from Aztec cocoa ceremonies to the innovations of today. Discover how they use exquisite cocoa beans and high-quality ingredients to make the finest chocolate creations, and indulge your palate with an amazing variety of flavours during a chocolate tasting.

Gruyères Village

The picturesque town of Gruyères gets its charm from the Middle Ages. The pedestrian town welcomes you to a gentle stroll, with its cobblestones and its fountains. The town gave its name to the region La Gruyère and its delicious cheese, Gruyère AOP.

Maison du Gruyères

Le Gruyère AOP is a cheese with a long tradition and its making has been handed down over many generations of cheesemakers both in the alpine and village cheese dairies.

La Maison du Gruyère guides you for 30-45min. through a modern world of the senses and their cow Cerise (Cherry) introduces you to the secrets of the Gruyère AOP making.

Fromagerie d'Alpage 1'100m.

At the foot of the Moléson, surrounded by the fragrant Gruyère pastures, there sits the grey shingled rooftop of a 17th century chalet: the mountain cheese dairy, the Fromagerie d’Alpage. With its traditional restaurant and its stalls full of artisanal specialities, the Fromagerie d’Alpage provides the perfect introduction to mountain cheesemaking during the summer months.


A daily cheesemaking demonstration takes place at 10.00 am, lasting 45 minutes. The cheesemaker will explain the cheesemaking process in French and will even share some of its secrets… 

GoldenPass Panoramic train

The GoldenPass Panoramic are very modern trains with unique features. In addition to their great comfort, they have panoramic windows specially designed by our workshops in Chernex. These allow you to be totally immersed in the surrounding nature. It’s as if, once you get on board, the train fades away to allow you to become one with the landscape.