Lavaux UNESCO⭐⭐

With its exceptional landscape, Lavaux UNESCO, also called “the Wine road”, has been built by and for wine producers. More than 400 km of walls support 10,000 terraces on 40 levels. Ensuring stability and an integral part of the landscape, the walls also play a big part in caring for the vines. In Lavaux, it is said that the grapes benefit from three suns: the sun, the heat stored by the walls and the reflection of the rays by the lake. The grapes profit from these ideal conditions in the eight wine producing locations: Villette, Epesses, St-Saphorin, Chardonne, Lutry, Vevey-Montreux, Dézaley Grand Cru and Calamin Grand Cru. The “Grands Crus” are “Appellations d’origine controlée” (AOC), like the Lavaux AOC. In a total area of 830 ha, approximately 200 wine growers prefer to cultivate the Chasselas white grape variety.

Appetizer at Lavaux

You will have a break in the middle of the vines to taste some local products such as cheese, wine or grape juice.